Storks -n- Stuff

Hi! Welcome to Storks-n-Stuff. Please take a look around and see what we have to offer by clicking on the various tabs above which will point you in the right direction. We specialize in offering South Jersey the tallest, nicest storks around to welcome home your newborn bundle of joy. We also have quite an inventory of awesome signs for any special life event you want everyone to know about. From Holy Cows, to Flamingos, Buzzards, and birthday cakes.... We have signs to show everyone in the neighborhood of  the important news! Don't see what it is you're looking for? Simply contact us and we can help you pick the perfect display for whatever it is you want to celebrate. Don't forget, ALL of our display prices INCLUDE delivery, setup, and return pick up costs. Do not be fooled by others who charge less then simply add $25-30 to your order!
Skip the rest, call the BEST!
Call us now @ 609-352-6968
(Every new display is posted on our Facebook page for all to see, so please feel free to tag any family & friends you wish! This is a great way to show all those who could not be around to see a display in person! )