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Stork Rental Pricing

Stork Rental (7 days) - $110.00
Stork Rental for Twins (7 days) - $125.00
Stork Rental for Triplets (7 days) - $150.00
Baby Shower (1 day) + Stork Rental (7 days) - $125.00
Baby Shower Rental (1 day) -$75.00 (It's gonna be a Girl / Boy!)
Extra customized bundles (Great Gifts for Grandparents!!) - $25.00 each


All-Occasion Displays Rental Pricing

All-Occasion Display Rental  (1 day) - $90.00
All-Occasion Display Rental (3 day) - $100.00
The SnS Birthday Combo (Any two lawn displays of your choice!) (1 day) - $125.00
The SnS Birthday Combo (Any two lawn displays of your choice!) (3 day) - $135.00

Each All-Occasion rental package includes 15-30 lawn critters depending on display.
(Additional critters can be added for only $1.00 a piece)

How to order

You can order your customized lawn announcement or Stork and in some cases have it delivered on the same day. Don't waste your time by shopping around, believe me, we offer the tallest, cutest storks and the best custom birthday displays around. Your stork will be noticed and admired by all who pass, not like some other competitors' whose storks better resemble "ducks". We have also been told that our birthday displays "look so much better than the other companies" by our awesome customers.
You will not be disappointed!

Storks -N- Stuff Delivery Area

Storks -N- Stuff gladly delivers to Gloucester, Camden, and parts of Burlington and Salem counties.
Some areas will have a small delivery charge, call for details.


Call Us at 609-352-6968

We deliver any day of the week - even on most holidays!
Feel free to call with any questions you may have.

ALL Package Prices INCLUDE delivery, setup, and return pickup.